#TSRBlackGirlMagicMondayz: Let me just start off by saying 🗣 can’t 👏🏽nobody 👏🏽 do 👏🏽 it 👏🏽 like 👏🏽 us! To all the Queens out here shining — literally — we see you and you’re beautiful!! ✨

#Roommates, remember no one can take your light so keep letting it shine from the inside out! That natural glow looks good on you, sis! ✨👑 #KeepShiningQueens #GlowBabyGlow

📷: @tooturnt_tam, @callme_trice, @skyladish, @kyohto, @otoyinafolabi, @megoliviaa, @_jopearl, @nikikoburnett, @janaikirsten


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