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Beyonce & Tamar Braxton brought their starpower to a fundraiser for Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton hosted by L.A. Reid and his wife Erica Reid. Deets inside….

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is currently on the campaign trail and yesterday, Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid hosted an intimate fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton at his Upper East Side home in NYC. And Beyonce was among the supporters. Who run the world? GIRLS!

The reception was filled with Hillary supporters, each dropping $2,700 to attend the event. Got to raise those coins for the campaign.

“The Real” co-host Tamar Braxton came out to rub elbows with Hillary and L.A. Reid throughout the evening.

PageSix sources say Hillary hopped on the mic to speak before her supporters where she shared a story about how she refused two offers from President Barack Obama to become the Secretary of State during his presidency. She was reminded by her husband and former President Bill Clinton, “You turned me down twice, too.”

The Yale Law graduate also touched on former presidents leaving the White House with a head full of gray hair. Being President is one stressful job and there’s almost always a big transformation in how the President looks when he first takes office and when he leaves. But, Hillary has a plan of attack already in place, she said, “That’s not going to happen to me, I’ve been dying my hair blond for years.” Ha!

Photos: Tamar’s IG/L.A.’s Twitter/@beylite/@gktrill/@druekataoka

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