A 4-year-old girl who called 911 when her mother suffered a severe asthma attack was honored by the Chicago Police Department with a certificate of recognition Wednesday.

Aria Koval put a blanket over her unresponsive mother and called for help on March 10, police said. Responders arrived and treated Suejeily Koval at the Jefferson Park home shortly after.

“I was out cold,” Koval told NBC 5.

Aria is a little girl of few words, but her mom says she did what she was taught in an emergency.

“She catches on to everything, so luckily she caught on to that,” Suejeily said.

Asked how she knew what to do, Aria simply said “I remembered.”

Responding officers say they’ve never seen a little girl to what Aria did in such a calm manner.

“Due to Aria’s quick thinking, she saved her mother’s life,” police said in a statement.

Cmdr. William Looney of the 16th District presented Aria with the certificate.

“She saved my life, she’s my hero,” said Suejeily. “Some people’s heroes, they wear capes, some wear badges, but mine wears a princess dress.”

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