Clearly Tyrese Gibson is #winning these days. Movies, businesses, music and a talented roster he’s introducing to the masses. Most people don’t know that in the music business it’s the writers and producers who are the lifeblood… The true bread winners. Now I’m not taking anything away from an artist but, without a catchy hook or hot beat, there’s no song. It all goes hand in hand if you will. Sometimes you can have a mediocre artist but, it’s the song that gets them over. It takes someone that is very creative musically to create a hit. Feel me? There are so many elements that make up a song and only a few can handle the task….

Enters ‘Seige Monstracity.’

Seige Monstracity

Growing up on the west side of Detroit, Marcus White also known as Seige Monstracity was inspired by hip hop artists such as: LL Cool J, KRS One and Black Moon. Seige started out as a rapper but, decided that he wanted to do more with his craft. He was inspired by the production side of things. He put his own recording on hold to focus on producing. This just shows you that your trajectory can change all in a course of being inspired. Seige is young, fresh and creative. No wonder why Tyrese signed him.

Voltron Recordz tells us that:

In 2005, Seige transitioned from Detroit to Los Angeles with a mindset of taking over the music industry. In spite of his determination to win and get on, Seige fell on hard times while in Los Angeles and hit rock bottom. After being homeless for a month, Seige landed a job as a sales associate at Guitar Center. Seige produced beats during lunch breaks while at work hoping for means of income. Not knowing God had a greater plan, he made great impressions with singer, actor and New York Times Best-selling author, Tyrese Gibson. While Tyrese was in Guitar Center, Seige’s co-worker pressed play on an unfinished track that Seige created. Tyrese heard the track, immediately contacted Seige and the rest is history.

Seige has been a part of Tyrese’s team and has been working under his wing for 8 years now. Seige was originally one of Tyrese’s producers called “The Frontline Boyz” coming up in the ranks with the likes of songwriter James Fauntleroy, 1500 or nothing, HIT BOY and many others. Working with Tyrese has played a major part in Seige’s professional production career taking him from a 500 dollar beat guy to a 5 figure beat maker. “The people he put me around granted me access to so many opportunities. He plays a serious role in my life and in everything I do,” said Seige of Tyrese.
Since the magical door opened in 2005, Seige has worked with Dr. Dre , Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Too Short, Kurupt, Marsha Ambrosius, and Busta Rhymes, just to name a few. This is only the beginning for the Monstracity. He is currently working with Voltron Recordz recording artist Kristal, David Banner, as well as production on the upcoming movie Fast and The Furious 7. Any and everything that comes his way he’s ready. “More music, more me, more Seige Monstracity.”

Seige admits that “he likes being competitive.” He says that “he is inspired by many other producers and he drives off of that.” It was a pleasure talking with Seige on the Tyrese Media Day conference call. He sounded like he was passionate, driven and humble. Oftentimes when people are uber talented with such a background they have issues with being level-headed. That EGO sets in… But, this guy here is headed in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

I’m sure Tyrese and his team are in for some MAJOR accomplishments…. I’m talking platinum plaques and many accolades.

Tyrese’s words on Seige show much optimism and belief:

“Seige is the future of hip hop producers period. I believe his breakthrough is right now; it’s the season of SEIGE MONSTRACITY.”

Some Of Seige’s work

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