Earlier this year it was announced that Jay-Z would be working on a documentary about Trayvon Martin titled, “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.”

Now it is being reported that George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, is threatening the rapper over the documentary.

In an exclusive interview with The Blast, Zimmerman threatened to “beat Jay-Z” and feed him to “an alligator,” after he claims that a production team for the project reportedly “harassed” his family for interviews and footage.

The site says that Zimmerman told them in an interview that a production team led by “executive producer Michael Gasparro made unannounced visits to his parents and uncle’s homes in Florida in an attempt to get them on camera.”

Zimmerman claimed the team “harassed” his family but refused to provide details on what the harassment was, or if his family agreed to be on camera at any point with the project’s producers.

The site also reports that Zimmerman shockingly referenced to the shooting of Martin and said, “I know how to handle people who f*ck with me, I have since February 2012.”

It’s also being reported that Zimmerman is also upset over money that he claims his ex-wife was given for her alleged participation in the documentary and says producers would not pay his family members. Although he didn’t elaborate on his family’s “participation or willingness to go on camera for the money.”

The film was planned as a collaboration with the Weinstein Company, but the fate of the project is unclear at the moment due to the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein.


Source: https://theblast.com/george-zimmerman-threatens-jay-z-violence-trayvon-martin-documentary/

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