ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos has conducted the very first interview with Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot Michael Brown.


ABC News broke into scheduled programming Tuesday afternoon to give a brief preview of the interview. Stephanopoulos told viewers that he spent more than an hour with Wilson in a “secret location.” He said Wilson told him that he is “sorry” for the death of Brown, but that he would not do “anything different” if he were to relive that day.

“He does not think he could have done anything differently,” Stephanopoulos said. “He says he did what he was trained to do. He has a clean conscience over his actions that day.”

The grand jury decided Monday that it would not indict Wilson for the death of the unarmed teenager. Brown’s death has sparked months of protests, and Monday night’s decision resulted in renewed unrest, with demonstrations nationwide.

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