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Film director George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson just made a huge $10 million donate to his alma mater USC. Get the deets on their gift inside and find out more about the Spring Valley High incident…

On Tuesday, the George Lucas Family Foundation announced that it would donate $10 million to the University Of Southern California’s school of film to support students of color.

The grant will be dished out for the first time in Fall 2016, and will be split equally between men and women. In an announcement for the grant, George explained why he cut the check and what he hopes will come about: “Hispanic and African American storytellers are underrepresented in the entertainment industry. It is Mellody’s and my privilege to provide this assistance to qualified students who want to contribute their unique experience and talent to telling their stories.”

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

The endowment, which is the largest single donation for student support in the school history, was praised by university officials. “George Lucas and Mellody Hobson are inspiring leaders in their fields, and tremendous friends to the USC community,” said USC President C. L. Max Nikias. “This gift will nurture the next generation of artists, supporting scholarships that enhance access in the cinematic arts, while bringing new and diverse voices and stories into our lives.”

This isn’t the first donation that George and his wife Mellody have made to USC. In 2006, the power couple donated $175 million to the school (George’s alma mater). At that time, $75 million went to the art film school. Nice!

It’s nice to see a couple making power moves together that benefit others.

We’ve got updates about the Spring Valley High assault…

One of the students who was in the classroom of the Spring Valley High incident is speaking out, revealing that he and other students were very scared during the ordeal. He adds that he didn’t think the officers actions were justified either.

Tony Robinson Jr. told WLTX19, “It was definitely a scary experience.” As he explained the confrontation, he said “She really hadn’t done anything wrong. She said that she had took her phone out, but it was only for a quick second.”

Tony says he knew the -ish was about to get real as soon as the officer entered the room. That’s why he started recording….

“When I saw what was about to happen my immediate first thing to think is let me get this on camera. This is going to be something that not only I’m I going to be like ‘wow did this really happened at my class’ but just something that everybody else needs to see. This is something that we can’t let this just pass by.

“I’ve never seen anything so nasty looking, so sick to the point that you know, other students are turning away, don’t know what to do, and are just scared for their lives. That’s supposed to be somebody that’s going to protect us. Not somebody that we need to be scare off, or afraid.”

We have to commend Tony for being so poised during the interview. Similar to the Niya Kenny interview from yesterday (which was also impressive), the kids at Spring Valley High seem like a smart bunch. And most importantly, which is not always the case for any child in a tough situation, they have successfully articulated their feelings.

Watch the interview:

We’ve also gathered more information about the victim. In an interview with the Daily News, Todd Rutherford, a Columbia, S.C., attorney representing the victim, revealed that his client is living in foster care. While he didn’t get into specifics about the victim’s mother and father, the interview hints at the “foster care” situation being a new development.

The representative says the student has suffered injuries on her face, neck, and arm, and is emotionally traumatized by all that has happened. As of now, she is still facing criminal charges for being disruptive in class. South Carolina law actually deems it “unlawful” for a person “TO ACT IN AN OBNOXIOUS manner” at a school. Vague laws like this are suspect at best. If you want change,residents of the state should be calling for the removal of the law and any rep who disagrees.

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