Cazwell is back with a new summer anthem to get you loose ― or at least get your wrists loose. 

“Loose Wrists,” the first single to be released from the gay rapper’s new Snow Cone label, makes a number of powerful statements tied to America’s current political climate under President Trump. It also showcases a movement to embrace and empower gay men who identify as femme, which is gaining traction and visibility in the LGBTQ community.

Oh, and Cazwell and his backup dancers are all decked out in the lace shorts that recently went viral. 

“We have a president that wants to take us off of the census and a Vice President that believes shock therapy will cure gayness,” Cazwell said in a press release sent to HuffPost. “At the end of last year, I vowed to be as gay as possible with my music and videos. We have to be more visible than ever and I hope I inspire that.”

In the past, Cazwell has made viral waves on the internet with hits like “Ice Cream Truck” and “No Selfie Control.” Check out the video for “Loose Wrists” above.


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