Comedian Gary Owens says not being on the cover of Black women’s magazine has nothing to do with race.


Owen tells The Jasmine Brand that he doesn’t feel particularly snubbed:

You know what, I didn’t even think nothing of it, until it got brought to my attention and it’s very rare that all of us guys have been included in everything like whether it’s an interview or a magazine. Like, the last movie was Michael, Taraji and Kevin and that wasn’t a big deal, it just happened that they wanted 5 guys, and that’s the 5 they chose and I was fine with it because magazines know their readers better than I do. I didn’t look at it like a racial thing, I just looked at it like, ‘Okay, that’s who caters to their readers’. And I was happy that Will Packer got some shine because he’s the producer and some people were like ‘Why did Will Packer get on and not you or Jerry?’ Will Packer is the reason why all of this is happening so, for him to get a little shine, I’m all for it.

Think Like  A Man Too is currently in movie theaters across the country.

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