The gloves are off. Gary Coleman’s parents want to launch an investigation into his death. The operative words here are ‘want to’ launch.  Sue and Willie Coleman’s spokesman Victor Perillo says,

“If I had my way and I had the dollars, I’d hire someone to take another look at the body to see if there was any blunt force trauma to the head. How did he hit his head? Why was there so much blood?”  Gary Coleman’s parents say Shannon will not take their calls and that they’ve only spoken to her brother.

Shannon maintains her innocence.

“I asked him if he could make me some food and he went downstairs and I heard this big smack. I rushed down there and found him in a pool of blood.”

“People can say whatever they want because I know the truth. I would never hurt my husband – ever. I would take my own life before I would ever, ever harm him.”


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