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Gabby Union is talking about her and Dwyane Wade’s fairytale wedding…and that pre-nup. And she threw some shade at her husband’s FIRST wedding. Check it inside, plus Ciara’s explanation about why her ex Future is mentioned in her new music…

Gabby Union hit up the Prada Iconoclasts event last night with her husband Dwyane Wade for NYFW, pictured above. But before she arrived in NYC, she stopped by Access Hollywood to chat about her wedding–which had zebras and monkeys at Gabby’s request–and pre-nup.

And…she ended up throwing a little shade and we’re not even sure she noticed herself.

“It was a fairytale and a dream come true and everyone thought it was my doing. And I was like, I got nothing. Were both on our second marriages and second weddings. His first wedding was in a church basement with a bucket of Popeye’s chicken. So he just wanted the fairytale. He anted the dream. He he would stop at nothing and spared no expense to make sure he had the dream wedding for us.”

Not a Popeye’s wedding though…

As for why SHE asked for a pre-nup when her husband reportedly makes significantly more money?

“In the first marriage, I lost a lot of money to someone who was not necessarily supportive. ‘You weren’t in the gym shooting with me’ or whatever, you weren’t on set, you weren’t learning my lines, you weren’t getting up early with me. And when it came time to end, I had to give up a lot of money. And it really made the love feel very conditional. I never wanted to have that feeling again. And I would never want anyone else to feel the love wa conditional based on stuff.

I got my stuff, you got your stuff, you’ve got your career, I’ve got my career. Now let’s take that off the table and build something together.”

Well there you have it. Check out the video below:

Meanwhile, Ciara is talking about her ex and baby’s father, rapper Future.

Now that the singer is putting her feelings about the breakup and other changes in her life on wax, she’s telling the world how motherhood and heartbreak has changed her. Her upcoming album, Jackie (named after her mother), is her most personal yet. She recently told about why she opened up about her ex on the new single “I Bet”.

“I just feel so many different things now with life and as a woman. I feel a whole different confidence and I feel a need to express. I think we need realness … it’s important to me that I get to express myself exactly how I want to as an artist.”

Express away CiCi….

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