Actress Gabourey Sidibe recently opened up about her weight loss journey but she has always been an advocate for self-love.

While we know Gabbie to be extremely strong and fearless when she’s on the big screen, the Empire actress revealed that she has turned down scripts that poke fun at her weight.

The 33-year-old attended SXSW this weekend to speak on the panel at The Female Lens: Creating Change Beyond The Bubble, where she said she has been offered scripts where they referred to her character as “hippo” and “elephant.”

“As a woman in a different body, I get a lot of scripts and offers where someone has to mention my body immediately,” Sidibe said.

“Someone wrote a script with me in mind and the first time someone other than my character was talking about my character they say ‘this hippo’ or ‘this elephant,’” she said. “And I’m like, ‘Are you serious? You wrote something for me and you’re calling me a hippo and all of the animals.’ This is my body. This has been my body my entire life and in my life my friends and my colleagues are not constantly talking about my body. But in most of my roles somebody has to make mention of it.”

She goes on to say that she enjoys her roles on ‘Empire’ and ‘Difficult People’ the most because their scripts are more uplifting and sensitive when it comes to mentioning her weight.

“They are my favorite jobs because it is most like real life,” the “American Horror Story” alumna stated. “On ‘Difficult People’ my character has a husband and it’s super horny for her and no one says anything about my body. And on ‘Empire,’ I had a sex scene — well, it wasn’t really a sex scene, it was a makeout scene, everyone chill — and it spawned all of these news articles and all of these memes and launched a hashtag called #myfatsexstory only because it was my body against somebody else’s body and we treated in on primetime television like any other love scene between two people.”

Moral of the story: It’s okay to not sell out and stay true to you!
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