A man’s take on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop – Atlanta…..Gumbumpers is he on point??

Atlanta Blogger: Breaks Down VH1 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Blogger. [Episode 2]

OK after watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Episode #2 I’m still convinced the show is scripted. Rasheeda is cool people. I never seen her behave that way. I interviewed her two times and I know she has a good relationship with her husband. But Once again, you need drama to survive in the reality TV business. I didn’t understand the argument between Rasheeda and her husband. It came out the nowhere. Erica and Lil Scrappy has some work to do, but you can see the commitment on her end. You can really tell, she down for Lil Scrappy. I didn’t like the fact that she called him BOY instead of a MAN. On National TV. So let’s hope Lil Scrappy don’t leave her again, once things start getting good for him. Joseline and Karlie is a HOT MESS. But first let me say, MiMi is smarter then people give her credit for. I know people was calling her stupid for dealing with Stevie J, But she’s going to make money off of him and Joseline. Play to Pay. I just hope she wears protection from here on out. HIV is very serious in Atlanta and Nationwide. Especially for Black women. Plus Mimi is a businesswoman owning her own cleaning company. I just don’t think MiMi should have told Joseline about her percentage or manager position. She should have kept that between Her and Stevie J. Now Back to Joseline and Karlie. Joseline is intimidated by Karlie. Did you see the body shape and Karlie?? lol Joseline know Stevie J is a Dog and the first chance he gets, he’s going to tap that ass. And Karlie seems like she would do anything to get ahead in the music business. By the way, what happen to LA Reid son?? Ain’t that her Boyfriend?? Oh Not Anymore. lol.. Now last but not lease. Joseline is pregnant and it sounds like Stevie J wants her to have an abortion. Well can you blame him?? This would be a hot mess if she decide to have that baby. Stevie J would be in so much trouble financially. Joseline would get half and MiMi would get half. leaving Stevie J with NOTHING!!! — keep it lock right here. I got y’all covered. You know I’m Atlanta’s Top Blogger.

– Futuristic Blogger

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