Atlanta rapper Future, recently took a DNA test in attempt to determine whether or not he’s the father of a 10 year old boy, conceived with Jessica Smith.  Smith sued Future last year, demanding he pay her child support. The 29-year old rapper, born Nayvadius Cash, was confirmed with 99.9% certainty to be the child’s father.

The case is now closed, with Future and Smith reaching an agreement. He has agreed to be legally recognized as the boy’s father, and will pay Smith $1,662 in child support per month. He also paid for the cost of the DNA test. Court documents indicate that Future’s monthly income is currently $16,516.30.

Future Paternity
As of today 2/10/13; we’re hearing that there’s another woman claiming that Future is her baby daddy!! Check it out by clicking the pic!

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  1. First of all u missing the point she is not a mother or a woman u waited to this man was rich and famous to put him on child support and this baby is 10 years old when she of told him when the baby was first born and gave his ass a DNA b c now this baby didn’t know who his daddy was anything could of happen. It’s always best to know who ur kids baby daddy is. I don’t care how much he make b c they have some daddies out here who can’t and won’t take care of these kids who have regular jobs

  2. that’s how much his record label pays him monthly. Most rappers get paid in cash for appearances and such. The court only has his DOCUMENTED income from his record label.

  3. omg if I was Ciara I leave his ass he gone have like 5 fucking child support cases she gone be looking tike tiny with t.i taking care of everyone’s babies super bad look c fuck him

  4. Shame…another nigga….and I don’t view men and niggas in the same category >.> Because the word “nigga” is a bad term. Meaning a man that doesn’t do anything for no one but himself.

  5. I’m just focused on the fact that he claims he makes 16k a month…guy is on every big rappers song right now…he has to be bringing in at least 20k per song…do the math…that”s more than 16k a month

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