ATL rapper Future covers Rolling Out magazine; which is currently on newsstands now!


Future discusses his relationship with R&B starlet Ciara, maturing since his debut album “Pluto”, building an empire and more.

“You want to create a path for yourself,” Future says. “And [know that] the best in life — you gave yourself a fair chance to get it.”


Future talks marriage, maturity, and making moves:

Future’s personal life has also become fodder for gossip headlines. Not only his relationship with Ciara, but his past relationships. In late 2012, a woman named Jessica Smith came forth and it was reported that Future had a son with her that was 11 years old at the time. After a paternity test, the hip-hop star was ordered to pay child support. Shortly thereafter, another woman surfaced and said that Future had fathered her child the year before. For a man with a fiancée and a baby on the way, his baggage was always being sifted through and exposed. But Future says he never worries about what the gossip hounds discover, he knows who he is and what he has. In fact, he says it hasn’t been difficult working through the scrutiny at all.


But Future credits Ciara with giving him balance. They’ve been together for almost two years now, and as he’s crossed into his 30s, he says that he’s a much more mature person and understands what’s expected of him as a father and soon-to-be husband.

“It makes you grow up. Certain things that you used to do, you can’t do anymore. Certain habits you had, [now] you’ve got to break ‘em quick!” he says. “It’s about maturing and going to that next level — because I’m getting married and have a new baby coming. That causes me to change and go to another level. The things that you used to do, you can’t do it anymore because of your situation. And it just goes along with getting older and knowing how to carry yourself and knowing how to maneuver through life.”

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