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Last night, the first episode of “Scandal” premiered since their annual holiday break. And of course, the memes were in full effect on social media. We’ve rounded a handful of the funniest memes floating around. Get your laugh on inside…

If you watched “Scandal” last night, we’re sure you all were on the edge of your seats hoping, wishing, praying Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) would get away from her kidnappers. We surely were.

The first episode since their mid-season break kicks off showing us what went down when Olivia was kidnapped from her home right before she was going to get it in with Jake. And, per usual, the memes were lighting up our timelines as we watched Liv use the dirtiest bathroom, her usually tamed mane get wrecked, and her many failed escapes.

The Internets had zero chill. Get into it:


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