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Rick Ross is in Rome this week and we notice (via Instagram snooping) that Lira Galore is in town too. Coincidence? We don’t think so…

“Phone Tap” rapper Rick Ross is in Rome where he’s posted several shots of the fabulous city and a few performance pics from clubs dates. His entourage includes DJ Sam Sneak (above) and…….

This chick. It’s Lira Galore. We’ve been following Lira for a few months (she’s popped up in several Rick Ross-related posts) and now she’s following him around the world. So it looks like these two have gone from being in a rumored relationship and hitting the same clubs to a pretty much confirmed couple.

So much for recent girlfriend Ming Lee…

And she packed all her good Easter dresses too…

She was also spotted at his gig in Manchester a few days ago. We peeped her near the stage. SIDEBAR: She’s well aware that the internet streets are watching….


Rick Ross keeps it moving. New shoes, new liquor, new whips, new chicks…… Lira – save your receipts.

Photos via Rick Ross/Lira Galore Instagram/Neil2208 Twitter/Lira’s Twitter

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