This week Fringe set things in motion for next week’s season finale. It’s the moment fans of the show have both dreaded and longed for. They’ll finally get the answers they want, but their beloved show will finally be over.

This week’s episode began with Walter more determined than ever to find Donald. He’s the Observer once known as September.

To find Donald, Walter enters the sensory deprivation tank. It takes him back to a former meeting with his friend.

It works, he remembers an incident that allows the team to track down Donald’s apartment.

Taking the Observer child—Michael—with them, the team headed to Donald’s last known location, hoping to find him still living there. Along the way, Peter admitted confusion with Walter’s new attitude.

His father explained that Michael gave him a gift; visions of the life he and Peter had together in another time line.

He tells Peter that it made him love him even more than before.

The men embrace in a truly heart warming moment.

The meeting with Donald proves fruitful. That’s when the team learned Michael’s true identity. He is September’s (Donald’s) son. The Observer took the boy out of the future and hid him in the past in order to protecthim.

The child was considered an anomaly and the Observers planned on destroying him. September couldn’t let that happen.

The Observers never discovered what happened to Michael. However, September’s interference on behalf of the human race cost him dearly.

The Observers removed the device that allowed him to travel through time. That left him human.

It was in that guise—as Donald—that he met with Walter to develop a plan to rid the world of the Observers.

Donald explained that, in the future, a decision was made to wipe out the brain’s emotions in order to make more room for more intellect.

In doing that, the race known as the Observers rid themselves of their humanity. That is until Michael was born.

He proved that it wasn’t necessary to sacrifice emotion for intellect. The two could coexist, making a truly superior human being with the best traits of both the Observers and human beings.

Walter’s and Donald’s plan was to send Michael into the future just before mankind made the switch to pure intellect.

They hoped that the boy could show the scientists it wasn’t necessary to sacrifice emotion for intellect.

Mankind would naturally evolve into beings like Michael with superior intellect and humanity.

If they were successful in stopping the procedure that created the Observers, then time should reset to put everything back on track the way it should have been.

The prospect thrilled Olivia who focused on getting her daughter back. Peter, however, remained skeptical that it could be that simple.

Still, there was hope on the horizon at last.
Elsewhere, Windmark traveled in time to meet with the Observer commander. He told him what he’d discovered about the boy; how one of their own had sent him back in time.

He then requested special dispensation to go back in time to alter history and rid himself of the bothersome Fringe team.

His request was not granted. The commander called the team “inconsequential”, noting that they had less than a .01% chance of successfully thwarting the Observer’s plan.

Windmark told him that’s the same chance that the boy had of survival and yet he lived.

The commander was disturbed with Windmark’s obsession with the band of rebels. The latter admitted that thoughts of their destruction consumed him.

That’s why he didn’t take the commander’s refusal of his request to heart. Instead, he continued to search for the team, tracking them back to Donald’s apartment just moments after they depart to gather the remaining items needed to build their time machine.

While at Donald’s apartment, Windmark explored his things and found himself intrigued with the music on Donald’s radio. A fellow Observer responded to it as well. He found himself tapping his foot to the beat.

Disturbed by both incidents, Windmark looked up just in time to discover a bomb had been set for intruders.

The duo escaped just as it went off.

Meanwhile, Walter and Donald retrieved the item stored by September.As they worked, they talked about the plan. That’s when Walter told Donald that Michael gave him visions of his life in another time.

He admitted thinking the boy gave him the memories to make it easier for him to sacrifice himself to make the plan work.

The two friends parted when September explained he had other things to prepare. The team headed home but quickly found themselves surrounded in an Observer web.

To escape, they break up. Olivia took the boy and headed to the train. Walter and Peter followed separately.

However, when it appears they’ll be discovered, the boy jumped the train to prevent that from happening.

The team watched helplessly as Michael was taken away.

Presented to Windmark, Michael isn’t as frightened as one might think a boy his age should be. Does he know something the elder Observer does not?

With the loss of the boy, has the team lost all hope of their plan’s success? Those are questions that won’t be answered until next week’s season finale.

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