Do you love the smell of homemade fried chicken? Well now you can enjoy it even when you’re not cooking, with a fried chicken scented candle.


Whit Hiler, co-founder of Kentucky for Kentucky, a business that promotes small-batch products from the Bluegrass State. “Thank you sweet baby Jesus. Thank you Kentucky for being the first state to fry chicken.”

KFC/Col. Sanders legacy notwithstanding, we don’t know if Kentucky was the first to fry up some chicken, but it’s probably the first to put the scent in a candle. They’re made by Kathy Werking, who fried chicken in soy wax and added some “family secrets” to the mix to attain the realistic signature scent. Fried chicken is one of three homegrown aromas — the others are Kentucky Derby, an aromatic toast to the mint julep; and Ale 8, a locally made ginger-citrus flavored soft drink.

Only 25 “Fried Chicken” candles were created, and they are selling for $22 each.

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