#ShiaLaBeouf was arrested at his #HeWillNotDivideUs protest last night after a man came up to him and allegedly said, “Hitler did nothing wrong.” LaBeouf, a man of Jewish descent, understandably took grave offense to the statement and allegedly ripped off the man’s scarf and shoved him to the ground. The actor was later arrested and that prompted Twitter to go in on NYPD with the #FreeShia hashtag!

In a world where #DonaldTrump is being compared to #AdolfHitler, a lot of people were upset that LaBeouf wasn’t allowed to defend himself against such an insensitive statement considering his ancestry. Check out some of our favorite tweets from the movement!

1.) You know it’s serious when Soulja Boy, who got roasted by Shia just a few weeks ago, tweets in support of the man!


2.) There’s too much irony here considering that everyone compares Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler…


3.) We don’t see any lies…


4.) Word on the street is he’s just back at his post. This is still REALLY funny.


5.) She said it, not us.


6.) The man has a point…


7 .) Respect!


8.) …and on that note!


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