The man who has made a career out of impersonating celebrity managers and assistants in order to get free stuff has been caught again thanks to Kendrick Lamar’s team.

According to reports, Justin Jackson had reached out to Kendrick’s manager pretending to be Adele’s manager’s assistant trying to score free tickets to the Rolling Loud festival that took place this past weekend in Miami. Jackson claimed that Adele’s real manager was “working with his important clients all day.”

Well Lamar’s manager just so happened to have the real Jonathan Dickins contact and decided to email him to double check the info and thats when he alerted the police. Miami-Dade cyber crimes detective Steven Kaufman then decided to set up a sting were he posed as a production manager and told Jackson to pick up his tickets at the venue.

When Jackson and his wife, Angel Lii arrived, they were arrested on the spot and slapped with grand theft and identity theft charges. Apparently, Jackson has been impersonating Dickins for the past year and Dickins even reported it to the police last year also.

“Mr. Dickins has finally breathed a sign of relief and hopes this fraud against him will stop once and for all,” said his Miami attorney, Brian Bieber.

“The defendants did consistently leave a blueprint of their fraud for the detectives to find. Essentially, we have a pair of dumb criminals,” Bieber added.

Unfortunately, for Jackson this charge may land him in jail for a long time seeing how it’s not the first time he got caught impersonating someone. Back in 2007, Jackson spent two years in a Florida prison after he pretended to be Madonna’s rep and lifted a $2.4 million necklace from a New York boutique which he later sold to a pawn shop.

… And it doesn’t end there. via the Miami Herald:


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