Foxy Brown appeared in court today to face charges that she’d violated the order of protection filed by her arch nemesis Arlene Raymond and, since nothing ever goes smoothly for Inga, you know there was some drama.  When Foxy showed up for court today, she was informed that her lawyer had dropped her ass, I’m not sure why though. 

From the NY Post

Raunchy rapper Foxy Brown has annoyed everyone — apparently even her lawyer.

Bruce Barron Associates dropped her as a client this morning, withdrawing their services right before the rapper made an appearance in a Brooklyn courtroom, sources told The Post. 
The sources did not give a reason as to why the firm was dropping Brown.  Fox, who was able to rustle up new representation in time for court, told the judge Arlene was a stalker and asked for her own order of protection against her. Her request was denied, Arlene’s order of protection was extended and Foxy is due back in court January 28.

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