Foxy Brown’s former manager and friend Bernadette Brennan (right) is now suing the rapper for $100,000 in studio time and says that the fiesty rapper needs some help according to a new report in the NY Daily News.

“It’s always sad when an artist has everything they need at their fingertips but still displays such self-destructive behavior,” Bernadette Brennan told the Daily News.

“I hope she gets the help she needs,” Brennan said of her ex-client. “I was one of the few people in her corner.”  Although Brown, 32, has released just one album since 2001, the platinum-selling performer still behaves like it’s her ’90s heyday, sources said.  Sources told The News that Foxy – whose real name is Inga Marchand – is becoming an industry outcast over her unreliability.

Brown denounced Brennan as a fake manager, adding that only her family represented her.  Brennan said she plans to sue Foxy for costing her more than $100,000 in studio fees, among other expenses.

The two were once close. Brennan bailed Foxy out of jail and took the rapper into her Manhattan home last summer after a bizarre mooning incident with a neighbor on Brown’s Brooklyn block.

The manager even backed Brown after a July meltdown in the lobby of her posh midtown high-rise, where the hip-hop star reportedly tried to attack her.

According to a tweet from Foxy,  she calls Brennan a fake manager!!

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