Foxy Brown says on Twitter, although “Let Em Know” was a track meant for deletion, producers thought different and released the old track that’s taking jabs at Lil Kim and Jay-Z. Of course taking shots at Lil Kim isn’t new, as she raps:

“I’d rather be in the club at the bar / Then go disrespect my hood by dancing with the stars/ I’m BK’s Don Diva/ Give the whole hood face lifts/ G’wan I fix your face bitch.”

As for her shots at Jay-Z, we all know Foxy been feeling froggish since her release from jail when she says Jay never came to visit her, so I guess she finally took a leap when she said:

“The streets talking/ Got the hood crazy/ Niggas heard I fucked with Ross and had the niggas baby/ They said I fuck with Nas and now they say it’s AZ/ but on the law, the real nigga was Jay-Z.”

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