New York Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife, Alexis, are bringing the New Year with great news that they’re expecting their fourth child. The couple confirmed to People magazine.


“We’re blessed that we were able to extend our family,” said Amar’e. “We’re both huge on having a nice size family. It was something we’ve been talking about for a while. It happened naturally and at the right time so it all worked out.”

Alexis is just as excited despite having morning sickness, “It was just perfect timing.”

Together the couple have three kids, Ar’e, 7, Amar’e Jr., 6, and Assata, 4—who are all very excited about their new brother or sister.

“They’re very, very excited,” said Alexis. “They just keep guessing if it’s a boy or a girl.”

“As soon as Amar’e walks into the door those kids are all over him,” said Alexis with a laugh. “He’s like a big kid. He’s a great dad.”

Of their December wedding, Amar’e said, “It was beautiful to have a private ceremony with close family and friends. I planned it; I wanted to have something that was more spiritual where we could really understand what being married means. It was a great way to end 2012.”

But, the couple will hold another wedding celebration this summer. “We’re planning a big, extravagant Cinderella wedding for Alexis!” said Amar’e.


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