#Roommates, four cops in #SaltLakeCity, Utah have been fired for taking pizza as bribes for not writing parking tickets according to @KUTV.

It seems Sicilia Pizza & Kitchen owner #AmrolHararah had an arrangement with city cops where he’d give them pizza in exchange for cops to give him “warnings” instead of parking citations for parking illegally near his pizza shop.

Everything was all good until Amrol got two parking tickets by a rookie cop named #JeffClegg in the area. When Amrol went to complain about his tickets the rookie cop blew the whistle y’all!

Apparently there was an entire system in place. Jeff explained: “If I see a menu of the restaurant in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle, it is either an employee or the owner’s (of the restaurant) vehicle and we are not to cite those vehicles. The deal had been ongoing for at least the past two years”

Jeff claimed he only said something because he was fearful if he didn’t join the other cops in taking the pizza bribes he would be harassed! Amrol avoided almost $19k in parking fines.

Source: https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/7xejgg/officers-fired-for-accepting-pizza-in-place-of-dollar19k-in-parking-tickets

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