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The Fort Worth Police Department has issued a statement regarding the black woman and her daughter being arrested after she called the police about a white man choking her 7-year-old son. Details inside…

A video of a Fort Worth police officer arrested a black woman and her daughter after they called the police for help has gone viral. And now, the police department has responded.

According to reports, a 46-year-old black woman named Jacqueline Craig called police after a white neighbor choked her 7-year-old son for allegedly littering. A white officer came to the scene and the entire encounter was caught on video.

In the clip, we see the white officer speaking to the white man who allegedly choked the 7-year-old boy. Once he’s finished speaking with the man, he walks over to Jacqueline and asked, “What’s going on with you?”

Jacqueline explained to the officer that the white man choked her son for allegedly dropping a piece of paper on the ground and not picking it up after the man told him to.

The cop then asked Jacqueline, “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” Really sir?

This set Jacqueline off where she tried to explain to the officer that even if her son did litter (which can’t be proven) that the man had NO right to put his hands on him. The officer responded, “Why not?”

At this point, Jacqueline started to defend her son, continuing to reiterate that the white man had NO right to touch her son no matter he did. That’s when the officer threatened to send her to jail because she was pissing him off.

All of a sudden the officer grabbed Jacqueline’s 19-year-old daughter and then put Jacqueline in handcuffs with his taser drawn. He then arrested Jacqueline’s 19-year-old daughter and her 15-year-old daughter was detained.

Someone filmed all of this as it went down via Facebook Live. Peep the clip below:

Following the video going viral, the Fort Worth Police Department issued a statement asking the public to give investigators time to investigate the matter and said the officer in the video has been placed on restricted duty status pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

Read the statement in full below:

Statement regarding Facebook Video:

— Fort Worth Police (@fortworthpd) December 22, 2016

Last night, about 150 people gathered in downtown Fort Worth to protest at the Tarrant County Courthouse.

Dallas News reports:

“It’s time to stand up and protect your community,” LaShadion Anthony said. “If you came out here for a kumbaya, you came to the wrong place.”

Fort Worth pastor Sharon Mason Ford-Turner said Craig called police for help and received none. “When we call the Fort Worth PD, we want help. Not to be arrested,” she said. “She called him to help. And he questioned her.”

Some protesters held signs saying “Hold police accountable,” “Being black is not a crime,” and “Moms stick together.”

Another speaker at tonight’s protest following Wednesday’s arrest of a Fort Worth mother and her daughter. #twitter

A video posted by Marc Ramirez (@typewriterninja) on Dec 22, 2016 at 6:08pm PST

Gathering in prayer to end the night’s protest. Alexander: “I pray that you touch every mind to come up with action to take to the city of Fort Worth.” #twitter

A photo posted by Marc Ramirez (@typewriterninja) on Dec 22, 2016 at 6:38pm PST

Jacqueline Craig and her 19-year-old daughter Brea Hymond have been released from custody from the Mansfield Law Enforcement Center accompanied by their lawyer Lee Merritt. Her 15-year-old daughter was detained and shortly released afterwards.

Just another example of Donald Trump’s “great” America. Thoughts?

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