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Former prosecutor Chris Darden opens up in a new televised interview about the O.J. Simpson trial. Find out all he said about O.J. admitting guilt, the infamous gloves not fitting and more inside…

With all the new media attention surrounding the 1994 murder trial where O.J. Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and friend Ron Goldman, key players involved in the trial are speaking out.

Chris Darden, former prosecutor in the O.J. trial, stopped by “The View” today to drop a few tidbits about the infamous trial that captivated the nation 22 years ago.

Mr. Darden, who recently released a new book titled “In Contempt,” dropped a bomb saying he heard that O.J. admitted to the murders as the trial was going on.

“Yeah, we heard that he confessed during the trail. We heard that he confessed to [former football player and actor] Rosey Grier during the trial.”

If you watched “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” or if you remember the ACTUAL trial back in the 90’s, you know Chris was adamant about getting O.J. to try on the gloves. Yes, those gloves. He was confident they were O.J.’s gloves he had often been seen wearing, and the gloves were found on the murder scene covered in blood. It all backfired when the former NFLer tried them on in the courtroom and they seemingly didn’t fit. Chris explained his thoughts on that saying that his former friends (shade) and former colleagues shaped the narrative arond him being to blame:

“I’m a leader. This was my team ultimately, in the end. I let him put those gloves on, and why not? They’re his gloves. There are pictures of him wearing those same gloves. His blood is in those gloves. The blood of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown are in those gloves. So they’re his gloves and the gloves fit the same way that they’ve always fit him.”

So why didn’t they fit well enough for the judge or jury? “He’s a better actor than I thought he was,” said Chris.

He continued, “I’ve heard so many theories of the swelling. I’ve heard so many excuses and reasons for it. I gotta tell you, maybe I’m in denial, but when I look, the gloves fit.”

As for how he felt about the backflash he received (some calling him a disgrace to the black community for prosecuting O.J.) he said he (and his family) received threats, even called him Uncle Tom, and it made it difficult for him to prosecute the case. “It’s very offensive to me,” said Chris. “I’m not hurt by it, or wounded by it, I’m pissed off by it and I resent it.”

By the way, he said he spoke to O.J. during the trial and one day he told Chris he needed to watch his temper. His response? “I was like, ‘Hey, I didn’t kill nobody.” Bloop!

Chris said he actually admired O.J., but he just wanted a fair trial. He didn’t want a race trial and he didn’t like all the race baiting. He just wanted a fair trial.

P.S. That ESPN 5 part documentary was MANY THINGS. And showed exactly what O.J. really thought of the black community during his highest times.

Peep his interview below:


No tea about his alleged sexual tension with Marcia Clark….

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