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Somebody call Jesus on the mainline! Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price (left) and former city council member Dwaine Caraway (right) were involved in an altercation during a radio interview on a gospel station in Dallas yesterday! We couldn’t make this ish up if we tried. Deets inside….

Chile…we’re sure the ladies of the church in Dallas are clutching their pearls after hearing about this FOOLYWANG MATERIAL.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and former city council member Dwaine Caraway, who are longtime political rivals, got into an altercation during a radio interview on gospel station KHVN yesterday. And it was all caught on video. OF COURSE.

Election time is right around the corner and Mr. Caraway is gunning for Mr. Price’s seat as Dallas County Commissioner. The primary is scheduled for March 1st.

We’re not exactly sure what was said that set them off, but Mr. Caraway is seen being held back by several people as he yelled out, “F*CK John! I’m tired of you! You messed up my house! You f*cked my wife! My daughter is the one who said it.”

Yikes! Not at the gospel station!

The police were eventually called to station to bring peace after the melee.

Peep the clips below:

2nd camera view of Caraway vs Price (warning) language

— STEVE PICKETT (@STEVEPICK11) February 23, 2016


This morning, Mr. Price apologized for his role in the altercation. K104’s “DeDe In The Morning” show called him up to hear his side of the story:

“Let me just say I am embarrassed for our community,” said Mr. Price. “I apologize to our community. Other people want to see this stuff stirred but unfortunately there just seemed to have been a meltdown yesterday and we’re all worse for it. I want to apologize.”

Mr. Price apologized to the community, but he never apologized to Mr. Caraway. When asked why Mr. Price would bring up a rumor about him sleeping with his wife, he responded, “All I can say is, is that, I don’t know, Ms. Barbara Caraway in that way.”

DallasNews reports that Mr. Price had a previous marriage that ended in 1994.

Take a listen to his apology below:



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