New deets on the woman Nia, who allegedly had Chris Brown’s baby, has surfaced. And it appears she’s homies with Karrueche’s bestie Christina Milian. Also, new deets on the man who thought Breezy’s supposed baby was initially his inside…

Well this certainly puts a new twist in the Chris Brown baby scandal.

A woman named Nia, a former model from Houston, TX, is naming Chris Brown as the father of a nine-month-old baby girl. And she’s no stranger to Breezy’s girlfriend Karrueche.

After doing some digging on Nia, it appears she’s a good friend of Karrueche’s bestie Christina Milian! Yep…there are tons of pics of Nia and C-Milli on Instagram, partying it up and having a good time. In fact, Nia was present during the “Loyal” singer’s birthday bash in Las Vegas during Memorial Day weekend two years ago. And the picture above is the proof! Sighs….

After Kae fired off a tweet, alluding she was leaving Breezy for good, her bestie Christina took to Twitter with a subliminal tweet:

Looks like she’s riding with her bestie during the baby drama.

Below are a few flicks of Nia and Christina we rounded up:

So here’s the connection:

The man who thought he was the father of Breezy’s supposed daughter is ALLEGEDLY J Prince Jr. He is the son of Rap-A-Lot founder James (Jay) Prince.

You’ll recall, C-Milli was engaged to a man named Jas Prince (above) last year. Jas is also the son of James Prince and he actually owns YEMG (Young Entrepreneurs Money Gang) Records. His brother J Prince Jr. claims to be the CEO of YEMG, so that’s how C-Milli and Nia connected. Peep the YEMG hats Nia (and Christina) have both been spotted wearing.

And as bonus, Nia also worked as a video vixen. Check her out below in Phil Wade’s “Dream Of You” video from a few years ago below:

What a mess….

Photos: Christina’s IG

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