McDonald’s is looking to add some flavor to its franchise with new seasoned french fries.


McDonald’s is now testing out a new kind of French fry on its American audience: DIY Seasoned Fries called “McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor Fries.” The new fries are being tested out in Northern California and St. Louis.

From what I can tell,  you pour the fries into a bag, then add the seasoning, and shake them up. “1) Pour ‘em 2) Sprinkle ‘em 3) Close ‘em. 4) Shake ‘em 5) Love ‘em,” the bag instructs. The flavors include Garlic Parmesan, Zesty Ranch and Spicy Buffalo. Some McDonald’s menus in Asia have featured this kind of French fry for years, but they’re new to McD’s in the U.S.

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