Floyd Mayweather has calmed down a bit to focus on his daughter’s birthday. Floyd dropped a cool $50,000 to get Nicki Minaj as special guest to his daughter. Last year he hired teen Pop star Justin Bieber. Iyanna Mayweather was one happy girl.


nikki iyanna

According to TMZ.com:

Mayweather rented out the entire MGM ballroom in Vegas to celebrate Iyanna Mayweather‘s birthday last weekend — and Nicki showed up to surprise her. We’re told Nicki stayed for about an hour — hanging out with Iyanna, taking pics … annnnd that’s pretty much it.

I guess when you got it like that you can do it like that! But, she didn’t perform? Oh heck naw! Well, she did have to pose and take some photos with a few fans, so it’s not like she didn’t work for it at all, but $50,000! We can’t even imagine what this girl’s sweet 16’s going to look like

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