Floyd Mayweather’s Jr. homeowner’s association (Southern Highlands)  is tired of him terrorizing the security officers in his subdivision so they’re suing his butt.  Southern Highlands Golf Club Community has asked a district judge to order the 33-year-old to abide by the community vehicular and parking rules and to stop threatening and harassing security guards, a complaint filed Tuesday says.  

The association seeks compensation of more than $10,000 from Mayweather who lives in a $9.5 million, 12,000 square-foot mansion on Wood Creek Court.

“Since October 2010, Defendant has repeatedly engaged in hostile, harassing and threatening behavior towards and against certain employees and security personnel,” the complaint states.

Mayweather is accused of “threatening the life of a patrol officer, physically accosting a security officer, (and) refusing to provide identity to gate officers.”

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