2017 popped off with Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beefing under A picture that we posted of Karrueche last week. To put an end to the drama, both of these guys committed to participating in a boxing match and claim that all the proceeds would go to charity. On this morning’s episode of ESPN’s First Take, the boxing champion gives us some insight as to why he decided to get involved with the fight as well as where it will take place.

“My thing is this, hip-hop artists, R&B artists talking about physically hurting each other in the streets,” he said. “My thing is put down the guns and put on the gloves…it can be a charity bout and the money can go towards something positive.” So is the fight going to happen or nah, Mayweather? The boxer says it’s a lot of work, but, “We’re working on it.” Mayweather also squashed rumors of the fight going down in Abu Dhabi and says that it will take place in either LA or Las Vegas.

So, who would you guys put money on for the fight? Chris Brown or Soulja Boy? Well, we asked some of your favorite celebs at the Sleepless premiere in LA this week, so check out some of their hilarious responses below!

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