Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes did not appreciate the heckling from boxer Floyd Mayweather.


During a recent Los Angeles Clippers-Cleveland Cavaliers game, several tweeters witnessed the NBA player and boxer exchanging heated words. It’s unclear what the alleged beef was over.

ESPN reporter Arash Markazi said Mayweather Jr. started heckling the Clippers forward and he didn’t appreciate it.

“Matt Barnes and Floyd Mayweather are screaming at each other. It’s getting heated,” Markazi tweeted. “Barnes yelled Mayweather and grabbed his groin. Mayweather yelled back at him. Barnes said, “Oh, I’m scared.” Grabbed his groin again.”

After the Clippers lost to the Cavaliers, Barnes refused to talk about the incident with reporters.

Barnes said:

I don’t care,” he told reporters. “You want to talk about basketball? We talk about basketball. I’m not talking about nobody off the court. We talk about basketball or I’m not talking.”

Clippers coach Doc Rivers didn’t think Mayweather distracted Barnes, who finished with 17 points in the loss, from playing well. Rivers didn’t comment on the verbal spat because he “didn’t see it” but added that he does not like such taunting from high-profile fans including Mayweather.

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