#Roommates, a 77-year-old pastor has died from a gunshot wound he suffered from when he was only 19 years old!

According to The Grio, John Barrett was shot in the neck by a friend in 1958 due to an argument. Now, 60 years later, that same gunshot wound has caused his death. Doctors say Barrett died due to septic shock, urinary tract infection, and paraplegia. The medical examiner states the death was caused by complications from the gunshot wound.

Due to double jeopardy laws, the friend who shot Barrett cannot be charged with hid death because he already served time for the shooting.

Barrett had already suffered complications from the shooting and was said to have been left paralyzed. Before his death, Barrett had mentioned he counted the shooting as a blessing because it enabled him to pursue his calling as a pastor and quit his job as a farmer.

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