“Marchers, unite! Who’s going to the march?” someone asked as the group waited at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Friday. Dozens of hands shot up, followed by ecstatic whoops.

“We want our president to play well with others and respect us,” said one of the women, Keely Harris. “This march is just the first step.”

Little Ashby, all of 6, was on her way with her mom and grandma.

She is meeting her best friend in Washington and made a bracelet to remember the event.

Harris was meeting up with friends in DC. Her husband will take their daughter to a march in Atlanta on Saturday.

There was Vicki Power, en route with her two daughters.

There was David, who said he wanted to send the message that whoever is in power needed to be held accountable.

When the plane landed at Reagan National Airport, someone in the back yelled, ‘”Go girls.” The women cheered and clapped and streamed out.


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