Public Enemy has gone down as one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all times. However, there is a little drama brewing amongst the group, which has resulted in a lawsuit.

According to Billboard, Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, is suing Chuck D and Public Enemy’s management and production team.

In the lawsuit, which was filed by Flav’s lawyer on Tuesday, it alleges “despite Drayton’s position in Public Enemy, the group’s management and related companies have for years attempted to minimize his role in the Public Enemy business, while continuing to rely upon Drayton’s fame and persona to market the brand.”

Flavor Flav reportedly claims that he has not been receiving regular songwriter royalty statements, although he has written more than 50 of Public Enemy’s songs.

The lawsuit also states that Flav’s voice and image were used on the group’s latest project, “Nothing Is Quick in the Desert,” without his permission. He claims he had “no input on the creative direction of the record,” and he was under the impression that the recordings he participated in were not the final takes.

Flavor Flav also claims he has not been paid for Public Enemy’s merchandise that feature his name and images

The rapper is suing for an amount to be determined at trial.



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