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First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a fun game with Big Bird on “Billy On The Street” to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign. Peep the laughs inside….

First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Sesame Street’s Big Bird for the newest online video of “Billy On The Street”. And it’s all to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move” healthy eating campaign for kids.

Mrs. Obama and Sesame Street have teamed up with produce industries to help encourage families to eat more fruits and vegetables, placing Sesame Street characters on billboards and signs in the produce section to grab kids’ attention.

For Billy Eichner’s first “Funny or Die” segment of the year, he pulled some strings to have FLOTUS and Big Bird join “Billy On The Street” regular Elena (who was utterly shocked when she found out who she was playing against) for a game of “Ariana Grande or Eating A Carrott”. It all went down in a Safeway grocery store produce section. Ha!

FLOTUS was a good sport as she answered all of Billy’s crazy questions and performed all of his crazy stunts, such as hide behind a case of fruit, push him around in a grocery cart and slow dance with Big Bird. And if you watch Billy’s show like us, you know how funny his ridiculous stunts can be.

After going through all of his questions, Mrs. Obama regined victorious and was gifted with…(wait for it)…a portrait of Ariana Grande’s ponytail. HA!

Check it below:

Photo: Mrs. Obama’s Twitter

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