Gumbumpers, we recently had the opportunity to bump gums with our girl, self-proclaimed “sexpertMs. Tyomi Morgan. She’s a Chi-town girl who’s making her own rules and doing things the way she wants! She’s teaching you how to bring that spice into your bedroom and how to keep that fire burning.

Tyomi Morgan, surfboard, sexpert

Tyomi has been grinding it out in the modeling world for a long time and my girl has found her niche. She truly has!

She’s touching topics that most are afraid to talk about but, aren’t afraid to act out… lmao – Anywhoo with no further ado we bring to you Ms. Tyomi herself.

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Read the interview to discover Tyomi’s favorite sex positions of the week. Find out how to ‘surfboard‘ and much more…

Where are you from?

I am from Chicago, IL

Where did it all begin for Tyomi?

It all began when I was 19 and began modeling for various clients in Chicago as well as New York and LA. Through my connections in the entertainment industry I got connected with clients who needed writers, and because writing is a natural talent of mine I fell right into it. I began writing articles about fashion and music and moved into live interviews with different celebrities, and as my sexuality expanded I began to have an interest to spread the word about sex positivity. Here I am now with and my title as sexpert/sex educator and sexuality coach.

At what age did you get started on your career?


Are you in a relationship?

Nope…100% single

What is the biggest misconception people have about you, since you’re not doing the

conventional thing with your life?

Well the common misconception is that I am an adult performer because I speak about sex. I never have been and have no interest in performing in adult films.

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Do you get weird request, or emails?

I do get a few emails that may seem weird or unusual to the average person, but as a sex positive educator, I have to be non-judgmental and unbiased in my approach of these requests and questions.

What made you decide on teaching about sex?

I decided to start teaching about sex once I began to explore my own sexuality and realized that I had always been an educator and coach of sexual situations and relationships. I saw a need for this type of education and decided to go down a lane that isn’t overly saturated.

Were you ever afraid of what people might think when going into this?

I was never afraid of what people would think but I was a bit nervous about people knowing how open I am about my sexuality only because of the misconceptions and prejudgments people have when it comes to a woman who is open with her sexual expression.

What advice would you give someone wanting to have a career in sex therapy?

For a career in sex therapy one would have to receive degrees in psychology and human sexuality, but to become a sex educator one can be self studied. My advice is to realize that you will be judged and to put fear aside, cast aside your previous notions or judgments about sex and sexual expression and realize that it will take time for your to build your credibility in the field before it becomes profitable.

Some might ask: What makes her an expert? What would you say to them?

I would tell them that my extensive and ever growing knowledge in the field of sexuality and relationships is what makes me an expert

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself as a multimillionaire as a trusted expert in sexuality as well as a pop culture reference for sex advice, a successful TV host with a non for profit organization supporting women living with HIV/AIDS and a mother/wife. I also see myself continuing to write and spread the word about sex positivity and being an advocate for women world wide.

Is your bedroom life off-the chain? –lol

Well because I’m single it really varies but it is always a lot of fun and very open!

Does size matter?

Yes size matters because it has to be the right size to fit the woman perfectly. It’s not about being big it’s about the pieces fitting together like puzzle pieces that fit. The wrong size can cause damage and a painful experience

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Can you tell our mature audience something they could do to add spice into their love life?

Be open, be free, experiment and put passion into pleasing your partner. If you are in a committed relationship there is no reason to pass judgment or feel judged. Work on incorporating something new into your sex life every month to keep things from becoming mundane.

What role does sex play to you in a relationship?

Sex plays a very important role in a romantic relationship. It creates intimacy and bonds on a spiritual level. A lack of sex or an inadequate sex life is one of the main issues that create breakdowns within relationships. Of course sex also plays the role of creation not only of children but of other projects that can lead to financial gain (sexual energy is creative energy).

We saw the “surf board” video, what made you do it and how do you feel about the attention

that comes with it?

I’m happy about the attention that has come from the video because that was my intent (to go viral and spread awareness about who I am and what I am doing). I like to put humor into everything that I do to make the topic of sex less intimidating for people. Whether people like it or hate it, they are watching what I do and bringing me closer to my goal of becoming a pop culture reference for sexuality.

We’d like to play a little game called “Bumping Gums” with Gumbumper:
Answer the questions below USING one word…GO!

Your life? Amazing

The best position? Spooning

Spit or Swallow? Swallow

Porn? Misleading

Your legacy? Revolutionary

Love? Universal

Hate? Fabricated

Men? Love

Politics? Lies

Tyomi? Goddess

Kids? Adore

Marriage? Open

Sex? Favorite

Favorite Artist? John Coltrane

Favorite love-making song of all time? “Seems Like You’re Ready” –R. Kelly

Haters? Nonexistent

Growth? painful

One night stand? Overrated

Give us an example of something that you wanted to do differently with the way you teach?

Teach more in person and use more charts and visuals

Tell us something no one knows about you?

No one? I would like to keep whatever that is to myself Honestly.

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Wanna learn how to ‘surfboard?’ Tyomi shows you how…

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