A woman is claiming to have recorded audio and proof of a serious setup that could put Tyrese Gibson’s career in jeopardy and his life. Last week, a video emerged of a comedian making claims he witness Tyrese Gibson give oral sex for his role in the hit movie “BABY BOY.” The comedian, Spanky Hayes, then turned around and denied making such claims about Tyrese but did make it clear he had it out for Tyrese Gibson. Spanky Hayes even made threats towards Tyrese saying he wasn’t allowed in the state of Detroit anymore or else. Now, a woman clearly feeling regretful about her role in releasing the old video of Spanky Hayes calling Tyrese gay, is trying to reach out to Tyrese in anyway she can even if means betraying Spanky Hayes and other co-conspirators involved in the set up.



She writes:


I am working for hood box office who is releasing the Spanky videos and also working with Spanky Hayes who conspired with Dopeman to gain fame off Tyrese… I have some of the phone conversation between Spanky and Young Dopeman… Concerning Tyrese I can send them over if I can trust you… I don’t want any money off this I just want to undo all the wrong I have caused with my involvement I feel stupid after seeing him with his daughter and not growing up with my father something just came over me… I prayed and ask God what should I do Mathew 5 verse 44 and I listen to a TD Jakes sermon last night and the tears began to flow and I don’t want nothing to come back on me so just like I sent out the last videos I’m sending out this one…. I know I was wrong to participate and this is the only way to make it right … I am sending this from Spanky’s email to further show I’m involved and now doing the right thing…”

Watch the video below of recording phone calls:

Spotted: Fameolous

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  1. The Crazy thing is I bet they didn’t know that Tyrese would catch wind of it, well this brother is on social media damn near everyday and overall people should watch what their saying out of their mouths even online

  2. Tyrese is a made man in Hollywood, and when you are in lower rank bumpin up against someone of his status it can be problems for the perpetrator pullin a defamation of character

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