Looks like felony charges against “Big Rich Atlanta” star Kahdijiha Rowe have been dropped, stemming from the altercation with cast mate Ashlee Wilson-Hawn.


“I’m very happy to have this terrible incident behind me, and am ready to move on with my life,” Kahdijiha exclaimed in reaction to the ruling.

Ashlee claimed that Kahdijiha “beat” her  and during the fight ripped “chunks of hair from her head, tearing her clothes off and throwing her to the ground.”

However, according to document “The state was not going to be able to meet its statutory burden of proof on the charge of aggravated assault”

Check out the complete dismissal below:

This case having appeared before me for the Final Plea/Trial Calendar on August 2, 2013. Upon motion of the State of Georgia by the prosecuting attorney announcing it was not going to proceed and upon agreement with both the prosecuting attorney and attorney for the defendant to dismiss the case since a proffer by both the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney revealed that this matter was a clear case of self defense amongst other viable and available defenses by the defendant, and further that the State was not going to be able to meet its statutory burden of proof on the charge of Aggravated Assault.

IT IS SO ORDERED this 6th day of August, 2013 that the matter of State v. Kahdijiha Rowe is HEREBY DISMISSED.

Kelly A. Lee, Judge
Superior Court of Fulton County

In other news …..Kahdijiha has launched an online shoetique called Platform Addicts, and recently penned and released her first book (inspired and based on the incident) We are Stronger than Bullying…My Prayer Around the World (available for purchase athttp://kahdijiharowe.com),” according to her rep.