From left: Yves Saint Laurent; Stella McCartney; Calvin Klein Collection; Haider Ackermann

 Hello dolls,

It’s NeShanta of coming to you with weekly installment of Fashion Fridays!!!

This question was asked of me yesterday by one of my followers and I thought it would be a good chance to clear up this out dated misconception. Each September we are all plagued with the age-old question; Can I wear white after Labor Day? While I too obeyed unknowingly and stored all colorless clothes for the next summer, conforming in fear of falling victim to a fashion crime.For years it was a fashion rule that we rigorously followed….. Until now.

The reason behind the white rule stems from early 20th century American. The wealthy would pack up and head off to their summer homes dressing in light white linens and cottons to stay cool. Being that Labor Day is considered the end of summer, upon returning back to the city, all traces of white would get packed away as the fall social season began.




Times have changed, and many of the fashion rules no longer apply. Wearing white after Labor Day is one of them. Judging by what designers sent down the runway for fall, it appears that nobody cares who wears what as long as it looks good. Fresh and modern, the look of all white is a sophisticated choice in a season that runs the gamut from everyday blacks, grays and the ever so popular holiday sweaters. **GAG** Pair white with a pop of color on the lip, a nude or colorful shoe and the right accessories and you are runway ready. Though the colorless color is definitely not just for the rich anymore, wearing all white still sends the I don’t do fashion I am fashion message.

See you dolls next friday… same time same fashionable place. Can’t wait until next Friday?? Need a fashion fix??? Head on over to my blog


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