Tamar Braxton took to Instagram recently, saying that she fired her stylist because they didn’t believe in mixing high and low.

She wrote, “The stylist today tried to make me feel “less than” because he didn’t agree that I should wear @forever21..well.. I FIRED him because NO ONE should make you feel “less than” because you have on a $40 outfit!! How AWFUL!! 😰..so my clothes make me?!🤔.. NEVER!!!… Be confident in WHATEVER u have….Wear, are, and CHOOSE to be or afford!! You BETTER walk in confidence no matter what shape, size, or financial situation!! You are AMAZING and don’t let ANYONE bully you into spending what you have.. or NOT.. it doesn’t make you ANY LESS FABULOUS!! You make the clothes!! Your SPIRIT makes you!! EMBRACE YOU!! YOU ARE PERFECT!! NO MATTER WHAT!! #LOVEYOU thank you @fashionbombdaily for posting AND knowing that’s it’s about THE GIRL!!”

Tamar was referring to the above now sold out $40 Forever 21 City of Angels Jumpsuit, that undoubtedly flew off the shelves because it looked so great with her platinum hair and Christian Louboutin So Kate booties. Our Fashion Bomb Daily sleuths went to searching, and uncovered the gem yesterday for a feature on the ‘Gram.

We go in touch with her stylist, who requested anonymity, to learn their side of the story. They said, “This is her album release week. We were supposed to have a fitting the night before, but she couldn’t make it. The next morning, call time was 8am in the morning. She didn’t show up until 8:30/8:45 ish. We had to walk at 9:45. She spends a lot of time in hair and makeup, so she’s always rushed when it comes to styling.”

They continued, “I pulled an outfit for her. She said she loved it, but said she wanted to wear it on Wednesday for Page Six. She said, ‘What else you got?’ Instead of stand by the rack, she went into hair and makeup and from there, she called her assistant to grab the jumpsuit. Apparently that’s what she wanted to wear. It was totally fine. Nothing is wrong with the jumpsuit. I’m a high low stylist in general.”

“When she finally got dressed, I told her what shoes to wear. And then she asked overall, how I thought the outfit looked. I told her it looked, ‘Ok.’ I didn’t say it in a rude way. I didn’t say it looked great, but I said it looked, OK. Apparently when she got in the car, she got really upset.”

“I would never ever every say anything about a $40 jumpsuit. I just thought it was not the appropriate outfit for a wave of press for her album coming out. I 100% stand by that. That’s why she hired me. It’s not about it being Forever 21, I didn’t even know it was a $40 jumpsuit. She hired me to take her to the next level. I will not apologize for not thinking it was an appropriate look. But I will apologize for saying it looked, ‘OK.’ Maybe that word choice wasn’t the right word choice at the time. Also, I wasn’t fired. I was only hired on through Monday.”

Well, there you have it. I hope they can resolve this situation amicably and go forth, fashionably. It seems like they are a stylish match–and that this was just a miscommunication!
What do you think?
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