Whenever I feel uninspired fashion-wise, I look up my top five go-to fashionistas: Negin Mirsalehi, Aimee Song (Song of Style), Sonya Esman (Class Is Internal), Blair Eadie (Atlantic-Pacific) and Camila Coelho. Now, it’s important to note that not all of these ladies are actually fashion bloggers. Some of them are, but have a side hustle and some of them are YouTubers.

Negin, for example, has a blog under her name but is focusing more on her newly launched YouTube channel. Aimee is a fashion blogger and YouTuber, but her side hustle is interior architecture. Sonya is primarily a model, who uses YouTube and her blog as a creative outlet. (She actually has two channels – one in English and one in Russian.) Blair is a fashion blogger, who also happens to be a Director of Accessories at Tory Burch. And Camila is best known for her YouTube channel (or channels – one in English and one in Portuguese), but has recently launched/revamped? her website as well. Phew, let me catch a breath… (*breathing heavily in my mind*)

Okay, moving on… Apart from all of these amazing things these ladies are doing – they also have impeccable Instagram feeds and massive following. Aimee even wrote a book called “Capture Your Style” that’s – you guessed it – about Instagram. So, yeah…

Now, let’s talk fashun dahling! These are some of the fashion blogger looks you should steal. (*wink*)

Negin Mirsalehi

Okay Negin, I see you girl… owning it in Dior. Remember that Runway Riot article about white pants having a major moment in fashion? Yeah, it’s all happening.

Aimee Song

Yes Aimee – giving us a sensory overload. That DVF ruffle blouse is a dream. Here’s a good reason to try wearing tops with asymmetrical sleeves.

Sonya Esman

Okay, okay, okay. Sonya – those red vinyl pants are everything. Own it, work it, strut it. If you wanna add some new, trendy pieces to your closet – try these hot pants.

Blair Eadie

Blair gives us the reason to keep rocking the floral print. I don’t know what looks more like a dream – the outfit or this pic as a whole?

Camila Coelho

Hello ripped jeans and fishnet tights – another trend we mentioned here on Runway Riot! Camila, girl, this outfit is purr-fection. Major reason to give fishnets a try.


❤️ Would you rock any of these “fashion blogger trends” in 2017? ❤️



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