After failing to resolve the ongoing conflict with the soon to be ex-wife of her lover Antwaun Cook, Fantasia and Paula Cook appeared in court today in divorce court. Once there, Fantasia stunned the courtroom by surprise confession room. Fantasia admitted to having an abortion, at the same time, she attempted suicide after a pregnancy by Antwaun Cook.

According to the source: Tackling the problems before the Mecklenburg County Court judge, a famous singer, 26, has been pressed if he knew Paula Cook lived when they began their illicit relationship. Third season Idol winner admitted that he had dated Cook off and about 11 months, "but said he believed separated from his wife.

In court, lawyers for the scorned wife pressed Fantasia on a hotel meeting held a few days after meeting each other.  Paula’s attorney argued that the whole space, because she knew he was still married,  1 spectator who was inside the court – told There were no reporters in the courtroom and witnesses were asked to leave Fantasia took the stand as a reason. Fantasia obviously had much more than they knew, though not yet to have attempted suicide. Like most people, I think she knew Antwaun Cook married, and I’m sure the details scandalous others continue to emerge, as he tries to deceive into believing that he had no idea that she was the side piece.

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