Fantasia is the new face of beauty care product Urban Skin Rx which is a clinical skin care productthat promises to fight acne, dark spots & brightening, breakouts, dry skin and anti-aging.


The Without Me singer has joined forces with the skin care line as their ambassador and tells us just why she loves Urban Skin Rx.

I use Urban Skin Rx products because they work.

Plain and simple!”

I love that Rachel designed a skin care regimen just for me— and she will for you too! It’s easy to follow, and ideal for my hectic touring and recording schedule. I especially love the non-drying Clear Complexion Bar. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft and helps keep my skin blemish-free. And, I would never go a day without using Glysal DailyTreatment pads which I know take the blemish- fighting a step further. Oh! and I’m hooked on the Clarifying Brightening Polish. I use this once a week to help me get my glow on! Urban Skin Rx products rock! Actually, they Got Soul, baby!

The website even shared Fantasia’s daily UrbanSkin Rx Regimen:


Clear Complexion Bar
GlySal Daily Treatment Pads
LiteShield SPF 30


Clear Complexion Bar
Vital C Gel
Alternate with Retinol Pads
HydraBalance Lotion


WEEKLY Clarifying and Brightening Polish
Clear and Smooth Pads


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