Whether you like to sit at home and play casino games on your iPad or get out to the local casino to spin a few wheels, know that you are not alone. There are millions of gamblers the world over, some who even travel vast distances to go to gambling meccas like Las Vegas or Macau to get their fix. Unsurprisingly, when there is a popular activity that is enjoyed by people of all stripes and persuasions, celebrities will naturally be in the mix.

So just who are some of the most famous celebrities who like to roll the dice at craps table, or spin the roulette wheel online at newcasinosonline.org.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous – or infamous – celebrity gamblers.


Charles Barkley
A man who became famous on the basketball court and later on in the studio booth for sometimes displaying poor impulse control, hall of famer Sir Charles is also notorious for having lost tons of money to a gambling habit that could escape him at times. It has gotten to the point where he had to impose on himself a two year ban from gambling after he recently admitted that he has probably lost a million dollars on at least 30 different occasions. For those of you keeping track at home, that sum is not pretty, sitting at $30 million lost to gambling. To be fair, he counters the losses by stating he has likely won a millie at least 10 separate times, so there’s that.

Michael Jordan
Is it any surprise this list is populated by another athlete? They do spend their whole lives competing, after all. This iconic superstar who made it big in Chicago has been photographed in retirement as many times on the golf course with a cigar in tow as he has been looking like a don at a poker table about to offer the poor chump to his a left an offer he can’t refuse. But those days of gambling extend to his playing days, where it is even rumored that his first retirement at the peak of his powers was an NBA-enforced ban to protect the league image from its most famous notorious gambler.

Charlie Sheen
Another basketball player (who actually competed against his Airness), although perhaps as known for his acting exploits as much as his odd behaviour in the public eye, the son of Martin Sheen has also had notorious incidents related to gambling. This wild partier is claimed by ex-wife Denise Richards to have spent around $20,000 every week just to finance his habit. At least he seemed to have fun doing it!

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