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Everybody seems to be celebrating Queen Bey’s birthday today. This includes Will Smith’s oldest son Trey. He’s doing so by dropping a brand new track in her honor. Yep, he does music now. Decide if it’s any good inside…

22-Year-Old Trey Smith (son of Will Smith and Sheree Fletcher) has been traveling around the world DJ’ing and has gigs coming up in Atlantic City, New York, and Las Vegas in the coming months. Who knew?! He now goes by the stagename of ACE. He’s also now trying his hand at music, following his dad, stepmom and siblings’ lead.

But first, Trey doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as “just” a DJ. Nope, not because we didn’t even know he was a DJ to being with. But because he claims he’s much more.

According to his press release, he’s got some serious artistic goals on deck. The memo states;

Trey “AcE” Smith is not a DJ. He is the one others depend on to get their party started with a tapestry of beats he weaves together like no one else. But don’t be confused. Trey “AcE” Smith is NOT a DJ.

What AcE is in fact, is a master artist-in-training. It doesn’t matter that he comes from a musical lineage; AcE says he will never consider himself proficient at this thing called music “because you have to keep practicing this craft.” And along those same lines, he will never consider himself simply a DJ. The title is just too limiting. Too stifling for what he has in mind. “I want to bring light to each and every person’s soul and I want everyone to have an amazing time.”


ACE’s first musical offering is an ode to Beyoncé.

“Blame It On Beyoncé” is the name….and it’s his salute to a woman he believes sparked fashion and music trends in society today. he sayis:

“It’s a song that’s inspired by the impact Beyoncé has made on pop culture. From women to fashion and music, her presence is felt everywhere. The concept of the song came about a year ago at Coachella. The festival was packed with Beyonce inspired fashion, attitude and confidence within women. A song that pays homage to power of Queen B. BLAME IT ON BEYONCÉ. Music is food for the soul and I’m grateful to be able to add to those recipes.”

Well, check it “Blame It On Beyoncé” ft. DeCarlo for yourselves below:

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