From what I hear Facebook can break a relationship. People take facebook status updates seriously and hopefully your not trying to lose your significant other over it. I put together some do’s and don’ts for facebook while in a relationship.

Rule number 1. Don’t spend so much time on facebook. I suggest you log off and spend time on your relationship.

Rule number 2. Don’t friend your exes. I sure your man or women doesn’t want to see you commenting on your exes status. Leave your exes in the past. You broke up with them for a reason.

Rule number 3. Know what your partner expects. Do you think he or she are cool with the fact that you have 300 friends and 285 of them are of the opposite sex and they are not family? Makes me wonder.

Rule number 4. And last I don’t want to know every detail of your relationship. Do you have that friend that loves her man so much that she has to update you on their status every minute in detail? Please get over yourself.

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